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ATC Timberline

ATC Timberline is an extended sans-serif font family comprised of over 370+ glyphs in 7 weights and 14 styles. Timberline is a wide display font, evoking the high-class side of speed and mechanics. It echoes the horizontal sensibilities of early 20th century architecture. Timberline is the extended cousin of ATC Overlook, maintaining the same geometric capitals and grotesque lowercase forms that give the typefaces a unique, yet classic look.

ATC Timberline is well-suited for high DPI screen resolutions and printed display copy. Ligatures, accents, and oldstyle numerals are included and can be activated as OpenType features.

  • 7 weight & 14 styles
  • 370+ glyphs per weight
  • Latin accents
  • Ligatures
  • Standard & oldstyle numerals
  • Punctuation
  • OTF files
  • Designed by Alex Sheyn

      Designed by Avondale Type Co.

      Your friendly neighborhood type foundry located in the Avondale neighbourhood of Chicago.
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      Thin - Desktop License $9.99 USD
      Thin Italic - Desktop License $9.99 USD
      Extra Light - Desktop License $9.99 USD
      Extra Light Italic - Desktop License $9.99 USD
      Light - Desktop License $9.99 USD
      Light Italic - Desktop License $9.99 USD
      Regular - Desktop License $9.99 USD
      Regular Italic - Desktop License $9.99 USD
      Medium - Desktop License $9.99 USD
      Medium Italic - Desktop License $9.99 USD
      Bold - Desktop License $9.99 USD
      Bold Italic - Desktop License $9.99 USD
      Heavy - Desktop License $9.99 USD
      Heavy Italic - Desktop License $9.99 USD
      Full Family - Student/Nonprofit License $39.99 USD
      Full Family - Desktop License $79.99 USD
      Full Family – WebFont License $79.99 USD
      Combo: Full Family – Desktop + WebFont License $119.99 USD

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