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You Ain’t Got The Answers Sway.


Can I design a logo using your fonts?
Absolutely. You’ll need our Desktop License for this.
Can you send me a PDF receipt?
All orders now come with a pdf receipt that you can download from your order confirmation email. But if you need an invoice for a past order please email us.
Can I use your fonts to create designs that will be sold on T-shirts or other physical goods?
Yes. With our Desktop License you can create designs to be printed onto anything: paper, T-shirts, tote bags, billboards, stickers and beyond.
What is OpenType?
OpenType (.OTF) is a font file format. OpenType enables complex fonts with extended character sets and extra features. Some common features include contextual alternates, ligatures, stylistic alternates, small caps, alternate character sets, swashes and more.
How do I use OpenType Features?

In Adobe apps such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, click the OpenType menu on the Character panel (Command + T). You can also insert individual characters from the Glyph panel by clicking “Type” in the top menu, then Glyphs.

For more information, try a quick Google search of “OpenType” plus the name of the program you are using eg “OpenType InDesign”. This should provid answers to any questions you have – if not, just ask us! We are more than happy to help you.

I’ve lost my font files, can you help?
We can send you your ordered fonts again if you need :) Just let us know your order number or the email address you ordered the fonts with.
Can I add my font to TDF?
We are always on the lookout for fonts that complement our collection. If you think your font is a good fit for our website, then please email us some samples.
Why did you change your name from Ten Dollar Fonts to The Designers Foundry?
We felt we had grown into something that deserved a name that truly represented us and we’ve got some exciting plans for the future and the name Ten Dollar Fonts wouldn’t of suited.
I can’t find a font you used to sell in the past – where did it go?
We are constantly reviewing and refining our collection so occasionally we might remove a font from our website and replace it with something similar of better quality.
I am getting something printed – can I send the printer the font files?
Anyone using the font must have their own license; never send anyone our font software. We suggest you convert all your live text to outlines when sending your documents to be printed.


What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all forms of credit card payments securely through PayPal, as well as Visa and MasterCard via our own secure payment gateway.
Is your website secure?
Absolutely. All credit card and order data is encrypted and secure. Our store is hosted by Shopify, one of the leading ecommerce platforms with 200,000 stores and counting. Shopify is Level 1 PCI
 compliant and uses 128 bit SSL certificates to ensure order details are secure.
Do you have any discount codes I could use?
We try to keep our prices as affordable as possible so we usually don’t offer discount codes. However, on some occasions we offer special promotions for our social media and email newsletter readers. Follow us on Instagram or Twitter, or sign up to our emails at the bottom of this page.
I’m planning on ordering a font, but can I test it out in my design first?
We understand the need to visualize a font before purchasing, which is why we have developed a new type tester. In some circumstances we offer trials to those needing to purchase multi-user licenses for large groups of users. Email us for more information.
How do I download the fonts I order?
The download of your order is available immediately after purchase. Click the download button after successfully paying on our checkout or via the button in your email receipt.
Can I get a refund?
Due to the digital nature of our products, we cannot give out refunds. Sorry!
Can I still order if I don’t have a credit card?
On purchases over $300USD you can pay via bank transfer. Please email us for more information.
I need a multi-user license, any discounts for this?
We offer special discounts for those purchasing a font for over 5 users. These discounts are not automatically added to your cart; please email us and ask for a multi-user discount.


Do I need an account?
No, you can choose to check out as a guest, which is much easier, but if you wish to access your orders again from another computer, then an account is a good idea.
How do I change my account email address?
Please email us your old and new email address and we will update this for you.
How do I delete my account?
Only we can remove accounts, a limitation set by the platform that hosts our site. If you’d like your account deleted, please email us .
Why can’t I use my download links anymore?
If your font was purchased on our website from 2012 – early 2014, the download links are not available anymore. Forward us your receipt via email and we will send you the files.


What is licensing and why do I need a license?
A license is the terms and conditions you must agree to in order to download and use our fonts. Your purchase grants you a license to use our fonts in your work. Licensing a font does not mean you own the font. Our designers always retain full ownership of their work; your purchase simply gives you the rights to use a font according to our terms and conditions in the license. If you break the terms and conditions in our license we will punish you, and not in the kinky way. Gross.
Can I share the font with other people?

No sorry, this would be considered piracy. If your work colleagues, friends or print company need a copy they must order their own license.

If you need a license to share a font with multiple people at your workplace, adjust the number of users on the cart page. Please note, the purchaser of the license is responsible for all users of the font, so make sure they are educated and understand the terms of our license before dishing out the font files.

Can I upgrade my license?
Yes, fees may apply. Please email us if you would like to upgrade your license.
Do you offer discounts to users who require multi-user licenses?
We offer special discounts for those purchasing a font for over 5 users. Please email for more information.

Installing and using fonts

How do I install fonts?

MAC: After the font has been downloaded to your computer, double-click on the font file. The file will open in a new window. Click “install” and the font will install in Font Book.

WINDOWS XP: After the font has been downloaded to your computer, double-click on the font file. The file will open in a new window. Click “finish” and the font will install.

WINDOWS 7: After the font has been downloaded to your computer, double-click on the font file. The file will open in a new window. Click “install” and the font will automatically install.

Ahhh, the font won’t install on my computer. Can you help?

We can assure you we test our fonts on all operating systems before we release them; something unique on your system must be interfering. But we’re here to save the day!

Email us the following: Computer model, OS, font manager used and what error you are being shown.

The font I just bought is showing different characters from when I tested it on your website. What’s going on?
Sounds like you’re after some of our alternate characters or ligatures. These characters are accessed by OpenType. If your program supports OpenType then simply open the “Type” menu (Command + T). Click OpenType. From here select “Stylistic Alternates”. Depending how the font you are using is constructed, the alternative characters might be enabled with one of the other OpenType options.
The font is rendering strangely and looks damaged. Why?

When using your fonts in apps such as Photoshop or Illustrator, then rendering can vary. To change the way they look on-screen you can adjust youranti-aliasing settings.

To adjust anti-aliasing, open the Character tool panel and locate the icon of the two “a’s”. Next to that will be a drop-down menu. You will now see None, Sharp, Crisp, Strong and Smooth options. Each of these will change the way the font is rendered on your screen. If the font renders too thin or too bold, or the letters seem to look inconsistent in weight, play with these settings. These instructions are for Photoshop, other applications will be slightly different.

Can I modify your fonts?
You are permitted to modify the outlines/shapes of the letters in our fonts in programs such as Adobe Illustrator for your artwork or designs. You are not permitted to create a new font from modified letters in The Designers Foundry’s font software. You also are not permitted to open font software in font editing applications such as FontLab or make any modifications to the working font software. If you need us to make modifications, you must contact The Designer’s Foundry.


How can I use your fonts on my website?
There are two ways you can do this. Our WebFont License is specifically for designers and developers who want to use our font software via the CSS rule @font-face. Alternatively, If you only need to add our fonts to your website through static images (JPG, PNG), our Desktop License is the correct license to purchase. (Note: only a select range of fonts are offered as WebFonts; please contact us if a specific font is not available for WebFont use and we can assist you.) Our WebFont License has no hidden costs, annual payments or subscription fees.
What is the difference between the WebFont License and the Desktop License?
To keep it simple, our WebFont License only allows use of the font on the Internet via CSS and nothing else. If this doesn’t sound like what you need, then select the Desktop License. With our Desktop License you can create images (jpg, png, etc.) using our fonts and upload them to the Internet.
How many views per year does your license allow?
One license will grand you 500,000 views per 12-month period.

Custom Fonts

Can you design my company an exclusive font?
Yes, Please be aware that this is a premium service with a very different price structure to licensing a retail font. Please email us if you are interested in this service.
Can you modify an existing font to suit my needs?
We sure can; please email us to discuss.
Can you design my company a logo or do some lettering?
Yes, we are a global team of designers (most originally graphic designers) who would be very excited to work with you on your project. Please note, this is a premium service.