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Auction Terms & Conditions

Bidding Terms and Conditions

Please take time to read these Terms and Conditions as it is important that you understand the terms and conditions of your use of this website.

The Woodblock mementos are a very rare collectible item by Anthony Burrill and The Designers Foundry.

1. Disclaimer

1.1 This agreement governs your use of this website and any bids for a Function Woodblock Memento by Anthony Burrill and The Designers Foundry.

1.2 All care is taken to ensure that data transmissions to The Designers Foundry Ltd is secure. we use SSL on our website.


2. Auction

2.1 All auction sales are non-refundable.

2.2 All bids are constitutes a legal offer and must be honoured.

2.3 Abuse of the auction webpages will result in prosecution.

2.4 All auctions held on the Website will run for a specified period of time of 15 days from the start of the auction. The auction will end when the specified period of time ends. However The Designers Foundry reserves the right to close auctions early or to extend them at any time at our discretion.

2.5 All bids are in USD.

2.6 All auctions have a reserve price which must be met in order for the woodblock to be considered sold. If the reserve is not met, no bid will win the auction.

2.7 You are permitted to bid as many times as you like, if multiple bids are entered on a single woodblock, only your highest bid will be considered.


3. Your bid(s)

3.1. To place a bid on an auction you must give your full name, email, bid amount (USD) and accept these terms and conditions.

3.2. The placing of a Bid constitutes a legal offer and must be honoured.

3.3. Once you the Bidder places a Bid, it cannot be retracted.

3.4. The winning Bid in any auction will be the Bid which, at the time the auction closes, is the highest Bid and meets any other conditions of the auction.

3.5. Following the close of an auction if your Bid is successful, you will receive an email asking for Payment to be made before the item is sent to you.

3.6 If your bid was unsuccessful we will reserve the right to contact you and thank you for your bid and support.


4. Payment / Postage Fee

4.1. You are required to pay for the auction within 4 days of being contacted following the close of auction.

4.2  Payment must be made via our website via credit card or PayPal. Bank transfer will be accepted by negotiation.

4.3 The total amount to pay will be your highest bid + postage and packaging fee. Postage prices are: Within New Zealand: $5, Australia $12, Rest of World $15. The 10 auctions with highest bids will receive free postage. Postage is standard air mail.

4.4 If multiple auctions are won by a single person, only one postage fee is required.

5. Applicable Law

5.1. New Zealand law shall govern every aspect of auctions held on our website and any subsequent contractual agreement.