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Top 10: Instagram

BLOG POST: We consider Instagram to be one of the most powerful and useful social networks for designers, It's simple, unrestricted, and has a rapidly growing design community that is willing to provide feedback. Here at TDF we love interacting with our supporters on Instagram. We regularly host giveaways or competitions, post exclusive sneak-peeks of new fonts coming to TDF and generally give a look into the day-to-day running of our studio.

Today we thought we would publish a short blog post to highlight our favourite designers and typography inspiration profiles that we think all designers should be following. There was no set requirements to making this list, we simply shortlisted 25 profiles from the 62 we follow and then refined it down to 10 based on our own personal tastes (was hard work!). The list is in no set order.

We are very keen to know what you all think of our selection and if you're left thinking "oh my gosh, how could they not have me on this list!", we want to know. We plan to revisit this list in the next 3 months, you never know, you might make the cut ;)

Submit suggestions:

  • @tendollarfonts on Twitter & Instagram


Hey Studio (Spain)

Hey Studio / @heystudio
Our favourite design studio, all the way from Barcelona. Be sure to follow their side project @every_hey.

GoodType (Worldwide)

GoodType / @goodtype (image by @jordan_metcalf
A high quality resource of digital typography inspiration and the occasional bit of hand lettering.

Seb Lester (UK)

Seb Lester / @seblester
No introduction needed. Seb is the Instagram King of calligraphy.


Made Publishers (AUS & USA)

Made Publishers / @madepublishers
High quality publications on design & culture. Based in Melbourne & New York.

Jessica Hische (USA)

Jessica Hische / @jessicahische
Jessica is a well known designer, letterer, illustrator and self proclaimed 'crazy cat lady' based in San Francisco.


Mash Creative (UK)

Mash Creative / @mashcreative
Mark Bloom, the family man who brought you #alogoaday and now #aposteraday. 

Show Us Your Type (Worldwide)

Show Us Your Type / @showusyourtype
Typographic treats based on cities from around the world.

Typography Inspired (Worldwide)

Typography Inspired / @typographyinspired
The most popular typography inspiration Instagram account in the world.

TDF (New Zealand)

TDF / @tendollarfonts
We had to include our own profile right? We post photos from the daily life at TDF, sneak-peeks of new typefaces and run giveaways.

Duane Dalton (Ireland)

Duane Dalton / @duane_dalton
Duane is a talented graphic designer with a minimalistic approach to his work. We are loving his self-initiated stamp project.

Post By: Daniel McQueen – Director of TDF 

Instagram: @danielmcqueen Twitter: danielmcqueen_